March 9, 2009

Got Mammies?

Go get 'em checked ladies! =) I went this am. I thought I would leave crying but the girl was real good & gentle! Good luck! I kept putting this off since Nov. The holidays came & went, each day is hectic, etc.

A good friend of mine does have breast cancer (1st stage) & she was yelling at me to go. She has her last chemo appt soon & then a month later, she'll start radiation. Not a fun ride. She shaved her head too. She had long, beautiful hair. She doesn't do the wigs, she rather wear cute hats, she tells me. She's in good spirits & has been lucky enough not to get sick through all this. She doesn't feel great after the treatments & her shots, but for the most part - she's doing great. So proud of her, she's a strong woman. Nothing gets her down. We love you Fab! xo

Melina & Fabiola

Before I forget: my prayers go out to Mr. Jesson! (Jeannie's father-in-law) He had an angiogram & is recovering. I'm hoping we can get over there today to see him! We wish you a speedy recovery Bill!

Have a great Monday! xo

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