November 3, 2008


Where do I start?! I 'tried' to make it a surprise but he figured it out in the end. It was okay though. I just wanted all our friends & family to come & celebrate his bday. Charlie came & took Carlos out for a drink (which Carlos NEVER does). First tip off. Make that second. The first was I wanted him to stay for class after mass. I told him I needed to clean bcuz I NEVER have time. Pretty hard to convince him all dressed ready to go somewhere. Anyway, everyone showed but 2 or 3 from my list. I started the calls last Tuesday.

I had SO much running around to do, in a short amount of time! THX to everyone that helped me pull this off. I couldn't have done it without you!! So 16 kids, 29 adults, cake, food, beer, opening of a bottle of Tequila from 1996 (gift from previous surprise party for Carlos!) the party was a great one! I'm so happy ALL turned out well! I just wanted to do something special for Carlos. Some friends we haven't seen forever! Time flies too fast! Carlos & I decided to throw a 'just bcuz' (call it what you want folks!) party every 2-3 mos for everyone to get together! Why wait till a 'special occasion'?! Our friends are family. We've known them for years & when we need them, they're there!

Happy 44!

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Anne said...

What great fun! Looks like you had a fabulous time. And you're right! Life is short. Celebrate when you can! Glad to hear that you're honoring the friends and family in your life and holding them near.