September 9, 2008

Little ones

What they say & do still cracks me up! But... at the same time, it can make you cry that quick!
Today, I told Lele (she turned four last month) that her & the girls were to bring their scrap stuff to Mary's on Sat. She thought I said Titi's (my sister that had passed). Right away, she said, "my arms will hurt to carry my scrapbk stuff from the truck". I asked her, you know where Titi is, don't you? She told me, "yes, in the flower park. Where all the flowers are." She thought she was going to scrapbk w/Titi. I wanted to cry. The tears came that quick.
We go to visit Titi & on her bdays we take cupcakes, balloons & sing, so for her to actually think we'll go to the cemetery & scrapbk w/Titi... I guess it could happen. But I think we'll wait on that one.

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