August 9, 2008

Pretty scary!

I took the girls to the pool this afternoon & all was good. Until... I did one lap across the pool w/the girls playing away in the little end. Got to the other end & heard the lifeguard's whistle, followed by a child's scream. That was Lele I told myself. I ran towards her & had to jump in the pool to get to her the quickest way! (instead of running my butt all around the pool) She was sitting on the side w/all this blood coming down her face out of her nose. I took her & sat w/all these lifeguards standing around us.

Long story, short - she jumped in the pool & her tiny nose hit Antonia on the head! She was swimming under water! Antonia & her head are okay, not even hurtin' one bit. Lele's nose stopped bleeding right away & ended up w/a tiny cut inside on the one side. THANK GOD! It could of been worse.

So that was our day so far. A mother's worse nightmare coming true. One of your little ones' face covered w/blood. Scary picture to see. She's not swollen, may be a bit sore tonite though, I'm thinking. I'm hoping she doesn't wake up w/a bruised up nose. We shall see... she's a happy camper now though, playing w/her Barbies!


Latrice said...

Thanks goodness she's ok!! I was woken up one morning by my daughter with blood all over her face from a bloody nose. I was startled at first and then realized what had happened.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Talk to yous oon.

Anne said...

~Whew!~ What a scary moment! Glad it all worked out for the best!