June 25, 2008


So out of 300+ applicants, I did not make the cut. It's okay though! I'll just try again! I browsed some blogs of the ladies who made the final 12... I must say "Talented!!"

I've been scrapping w/the girls, Amy included! She & Graciella can go all day! (future 24 crop girls!) We have fun, listening to music & hear myself saying quite often, "that song is from HS!" These people these days NEED to come up w/original songs & music & stop the whole sampling deal. Just be original already! Jeze.

On that note, Lele sang a song for preK. It's the cutest thing w/her little moves to go w/it. I hope I can upload it from my cell!.... it's NOT working!

Have a great hump-day people!


Diana Waite said...

MAN!!! I was so nervous (for you, keeping my fingers crossed!) looking down the list....Man!

Elder Nathan Askins said...

Sorry you didn't make it. I'm sure you'll make the next one. Your projects are awesome.