August 5, 2008

This past Saturday, the San Tan Legacy soccer club had a pool party. Graciella & Antonia had a blast on both diving boards! I couldn't believe as tiny as Antonia is, she was able to swim across the pool after jumping in the pool over & over & over & over.... you get the picture. The same goes for all these girls for almost 3 hrs. Miss Mindy would be proud!

Antonia on high dive & Graciella on low

Girls in action! Graciella must of screamed EVERY
single time she jumped off the high dive.

Payton, Graciella & Nicole

I got a text Sunday from my niece CARLY!! Okay, so I'm a bit happy & it was GREAT to see her, Shrek & Kayvion! She had his first bday party (that same day!) at her new house! CONGRATS on the house! She lives super close too. The girls, Gramma & I went to the baby's party. All of us missed her a bunch this past yr! The baby is a mini-me of Carly! But he looks just like his daddy too!

Antonia, Carly & Lele

My great-nephew Kayvion! Isn't he beautiful?!

Antonia & baby Kayvion

(those are sun spots all over the place!)

Right when we left the party, I felt absolutely horrible! I kept telling Graciella that if I pass out, don't panic & call 911. Mommy's NOT playing around. We dropped Gramma off & went to Safeway real quick to p/u a few things. Carlos even told me to come home, but I told him I'm right here, so I'll go in. Got home, & literally fell out as soon as I hit the bed! The girls took showers & that's all I remember. The heat got to me at the party. Super bad. I never felt that way. It was scary! All the people & it was so hot inside & out?! The next morning was okay, but later in the pm, my head was hurting still. Never again! It was too much & for me to be w/the girls & not Carlos too?! Nope, can't do it. I know Graciella was afraid. She gets that way, when I feel real sick or anything like that.

Anyway, it was so good to see the baby again, Eric (aka Shrek) & Carly. We love you! (& I know your mom was happy too! ;] ) xoxo

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